About Dangerous Knives

Warm greetings and welcome!

Your presence here probably means that you love swords and other medieval weapons just as much as we do. So let us tell you a little bit about ourselves.

DangerousKnives is a project launched by ArmStreet, and there’s a funny story behind it. Google prohibits selling anything that might be considered to be a weapon, so when we started to sell tournament swords from the site they froze all of our ad accounts! After three rounds of negotiations with their law department, we figured out that even when we sell tournament weapons, we just can’t advertise swords as swords. That paragraph in their policy agreement is called “Dangerous knives”, so we thought it was a good name for a new brand! And here we are.

In one way or another, each member of our team is involved in swords fighting, role-playing games, tournaments, festivals, or just has a fascination with the spirit of the Middle Ages. Because of this, we produce what we love and are always working hard to enrich the beautiful, breathtaking medieval world that we feel so connected to in our hearts.

As for DangerousKnives, the site is devoted to all sorts of swords, and we are planning to add other medieval weapons in the future. Unlike many other manufacturers, our team has vast experience in tournaments, so we are well aware of the wants and needs of fighters.

We produce things that are not only beautiful but also functional, convenient and reliable.

Our sparring swords are designed to be used under the most severe conditions. We pay a lot of attention to the geometry of the blades we forge, take great care in the balance and distribution of mass as well as ensuring they’re well constructed and robust. We also know the importance of a comfortable grip, the hardening of the blade, and love applying traditional, time-tested technologies combined with the achievements of modern science in metalworking in everything we create. The challenges that modern sword fighter faces are very different from those of other sword enthusiasts, and we are doing our best to provide you with swords you can rely on.

In addition to the well-known and recognizable Viking swords, European long swords, broadswords, falchions and short swords, here you can also find designs that are less familiar. Ukraine has a great tradition of saber fighting, so we have used the pride we have for our heritage to continue the cultural legacy of creating sabers we are proud of. If you are into sword fighting but have never found yourself in a saber fight, we highly recommend it! As an art form in itself, it has a unique feel and is just a generally enjoyable experience.

Whether you are a collector, a role-player, a reenactor or a sword fighter, we are happy to provide you with our swords and to have you here with us on this journey as we into a world of glory, chivalry, courage, resilience, victory and the gray beauty of steel.

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